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Sunday, 29 December 2013

I Love Stationery - Kikki K.

There is something close-to-magical about holding a brand new notepad or diary in hands. All the white pages that still need to be filled with something important, funny, or just doodled all over for a short amusement. And then you can place stickers on them, or maybe use a cute stamp, add a sticky note not to forget about something important (or even not that important :).

I just love stationery. Cute and pretty stationery makes it easier to work on something you don't like that much and it helps (at least me) to be more organized, because it is sooo nice to plan things when I have a pretty planner in my hands. 

Walking into a shop with notepads, pens, stickers, stamps and stationery in general (and I have the same with fabrics and haberdashery (like buttons, ribbons, embroidery threads...)) is like a candy shop for kids. I would like to have it aaaaall :). 

This is also why I love Kikki K. If you don't know it, it is a Swedish stationery (and some other nice stuff) online shop based in Australia (with worldwide shipping :) and this is a part of my haul from their website. 

I thing all of these things are from their Dreaming collection and I find the name to be very exact, because that's what comes to one's mind when seeing all the dreamy pastel colors and little birds, balloons and clouds.
I've got a large leather mint coloured planner, a sticker and gift tags book, a notepad with 240 pages in 40 designs, some gel pens, sticky notes and stamps (saying Happpy Birthday and For You on balloons).

So cute.

I still have a package from Kikki K. to be delivered. Unfortunately, because of a mistake of the post office, it was sent back to the sender (I was soo annyoed!), so now I must wait until it gets back to Australia, so that they can send it once again my way. There are a couple more lovely things coming (hopefully soon), so if you like stationery, come back for more eye candy in the (hopefully short) future!

Until next time :)!

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